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ten things i dont love
i dont love how you never pick up on the little hints i keep handing out in heaping piles. or maybe you are clueing in, but i'd never be able to tell. i'm too trapped inside of you to notice anything you may be giving out. maybe you know, and you're just doing this to make everything a little bit harder each day. but you should know that i mean all of those little things to the sky and back again.
i dont love how you play tricks on me. how you smile at me with those lips and look at me with those eyes and make me think i belong right there with those chocolate browns and pale pinks.
i dont love lying awake at night making patterns in my ceiling with my imagination while i'm wide asleep waiting for you to curl up beside me, wrap your arms around me and tell me to never wake up. but if you're near, i'll live the rest of my life snoozing out the letter z and having nightmares about losing you.
the way you look at things. you take everything so simply when to be completely
:iconxxintention:xxintention 64 33
In Love
In Love
The way I blush when I think of you,
The way I smile when I remember your words-
The way I almost wanna pass out when someone mentions you-
The way I wanna go to bed early,
Just so I can dream of you-
The way I wanna hold your hand,
The way I write your name on my schoolpapers-
The way I wish I shared every class with you,
The way my heart beats faster,
And the way I feel when I imagine you with me-
I'm just like every other girl,
Who's ever wanted to be held by someone else-
And I'm just like every story,
Hoping for a love-filled ending-
Because I'm human too,
And I somehow still feel-
After all I've been through,
I still feel love-
So we look like Sid and Nancy,
Walking together hand-in-hand-
And I couldn't have been happier,
The night we met-
Already sharing our life stories,
I'm not alone anymore-
And I love you,
And you love me too...
:iconsleepindarkness:sleepindarkness 3,437 413
Broken…Here I am on my knees. Living with my broken heart. My mistake was believing that someone would be here with open arms to catch me as I fell. Instead I hit the floor shattering into a thousand pieces of nothingness. Where we're you when I needed you most? I look back and I see that I changed who I was. I thought I needed to be something different. Something that you would be proud of. I'm not going to lie to myself and say it is entirely your fault. Because that wouldn't be true. I changed willingly over time. I thought I had to change who I was. I thought in doing so that it would bring you closer to me. I thought that maybe then you would take notice of how much I've grown up. And maybe then you would put your arms around me, holding me in that warm embrace. The one that makes me feel safe. Didn't you ever ask yourself why I hugged you so much? Why the affection? Did you believe that I did it just for attention? Or to be playful? Because I will tell you now that those weren't
:iconnwolf:nwolf 345 252
Broken Heart
Now I know.
My heart is broken.
But I can't let you know that.
Nor can I let you go.
At random parts of the day I start shaking
From the tears…that you left me
People gave me hope
People gave me doubt.
I feel like an idiot,
To let my heart break.
To entrust it in a guys hands.
When I know…multiple guys that have
Torn open
Other women's hearts.
My uncles.
My father.
And yet I still entrusted you with that masterpiece
The one I created from scratch.
I am pathetic.
Obviously I do not deserve a guy like you.
But I can't help to wonder
what it would be like with you...
I feel like an idiot...but i want to help you anyway
:iconfenidia:Fenidia 539 275
heart broken
In my dreams
It was me in your arms
My lips on yours
There was only us
And the clouds
And the stars
It was the world and us
It was us against the world
But in your arms I could take it
Anything the world dished out
And with your kisses I was strong again
In my dreams it was me in your arms
My lips on yours
But in reality
It's always been her
:iconso0olovely:so0olovely 3,514 689
John Lennon by Cynthia-Blair John Lennon :iconcynthia-blair:Cynthia-Blair 840 349 Link by solipherus Link :iconsolipherus:solipherus 3,360 458
Have you ever felt that feeling whenever you see someone, you freeze and your heart starts to beat so fast and you have to hold on to something so you wouldn’t fall? Sometimes when they talk to you, do you utter stupid words and end up embarrassing yourself? It’s not that you want it, but just the presence of that person makes your heart beat faster and slower at the same time. Would you be brave and admit your feelings? What if it’s simply not meant to be, do you give up? Or keep trying and end up with nothing? Well, that’s love. Its irony speaks, but you got to take risks to get answers. When you meet someone and you gradually fall in love with that person, try to express your love to her because every moment you wasted would be equal to tons of regret in the end. Don’t wait until it’s too late to tell someone how much you love, how much you care. Because when they are gone, no matter how loud you shout and cry they won’t hear you anymore.
The love
:iconmyke0617:myke0617 476 124


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